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We want to take the majority of the workload off your shoulders, that is why we offer our silver suite services to all of our homeowners with Strata plan. We provide every single one of our customers with variable services that work easily within any budgets and particular needs. We want to provide a harmonious balance when it comes to delivering effective service as well as working with delivering affordable prices on services, as we recognise every Strata member is different and have different living requirements.

We offer both owners corporation services and developers services at Strata plan.


Owners corporation services all handled by Strata plan

Our silver suite standard package for all owners corporation members at Strata plan, looks at providing every customer with all standard inclusions at a reasonable price.

Our silver suite services work toward:

  • Organising, preparing and chairing your owners corporation’s AGM.
  • Maintaining the owners corporation register
  • One site visit per year
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Issues levis on behalf of owners corporation
  • Budget proposals
  • Owners corporation finance management

We also offer inspirational suite of services at Strata plan:

  • Premium capped service package
  • Helps out owners who need a little extra attention
  • Assists with individuals requiring high levels of emergency maintenance

Developers services at Strata plan

We aim to work with strata developers from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on being able to work with individuals from the early stages of concept building and ideas, all the way through to the first handover process.

Our main aims with our developers services at Strata are:

  • To help bring your ideas to life
  • Work through the logistics and management of shared amenities in your project
  • Assisting with proposal of initial budgets
  • Ensure your clients are well cared for and well informed all throughout until the lead up of your project settlement
Our customer service team at Strata plan aim to filter out any queries or concerns from your customers straight to us and out from your inbox. Allowing us to lift the additional pressures from your shoulders
With our ongoing, and wealth of experience working with new buildings, working with you in the initial stages will ensure us access to the design process, our expertise on design will help guide you toward creating a positive and excellent project for all.

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Learn more about our owners corporation and developers services at Strata plan

Our wealth of experience when it comes to owners corporation management, enables us to effectively manage any query or concern with precision and understanding. Allowing us to be a part of the initial stages and allowing us to resolve any issues will guarantee an amazing living space for all.
To learn more about our variable services, to get a quote or learn about which service benefits you in particular. Get in touch with Strata plan today, via: 1300 278 728