Owners corporation services at Strata plan

At Strata, we are dedicated to providing effective and efficient services to all of our clients, every day.
We offer services to both home owners and developers
Our broad range of expertise across both residents and individuals looking into home development allows us to commit to providing individuals with the right service at the right time.
We are well-versed with both owners and developers services, and our depth of knowledge and wealth of experience on all services, guarantees excellent customer service and ultimate care and assistance for all, from Strata plan.

Strata Owners Corporation services

Even though most homeowners love working on their own, and only looking to Strata for that extra guidance and support, we are still dedicated to offering our services to all whenever, wherever they may need.
Every homeowner and owners corporation is different, this is something we are in full understanding of at Strata plan.
We don’t want our members to overspend or invest in services they do not require, that is why we are happy to work closely with all of our members and provide them with variable services, within decent price range and based specifically on what they require. We offer a variety of levels of services at Strata plan.

Silver suite services at Strata plan

Our Silver suite services at Strata plan include majority services at an affordable price.
This standard package looks after individuals who are conscious of money, looking for affordable service and options.
suitable for silver suite; Strata titles who have no major or urgent maintenance needs or legal issues outstanding and hold no more than three committee meetings a year that require lots of management.

This package looks after the following:

  • Organising, preparing and chairing your owners corporation’s AGM
  • Maintaining a register of all owners corporation
  • One site visit, per year
  • Issuing of levies on behalf of owners corporation
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Budget management and proposals
  • Owners corporation finance management
  • Debt recovery and special levies

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