Developers services at Strata plan

We recognise that every owner starts from somewhere, the need for guidance and support for developers in the establishment of owners corporation projects and settlements, is on high demand.

This is where Strata comes in.

We assist every developer from the beginnings of their concept and ideas all the way through to handover to the first lot-owners, post-settlement.

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Our developers services aim to deliver the following in the early stages:

  • Help bring your ideas to life
  • Helping you through the logistics and management of shared amenities in your project
  • Assisting with the proposal of initial budgets
Strata plans developers services will continue to look after you up until handover through the management from our Onboarding team.

Our facilities maintenance team will assist you through the following processes:

  • Ensuring that every aspect of your proposal is recorded and included in the system
  • Ensuring a smooth handover process

Our customer services team at Strata also come in to support you through your proposal, with the following services:

  • Ensure your clients are well cared for
  • Are in full understanding of your proposal
  • Assisting your clients to ensure that settlement is as easy as possible.
  • Ensure all questions and answers are managed
  • Setting up a Welcome Meeting for all residents, post-settlement
  • First-class welcome into their investment property

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