About us

What Strata Plan Strives to Pioneer

As people continue to adapt with the ever-changing world today, owners corporations also thrive to meet, and even exceed, their growing needs. Hence, Strata Plan strives to pioneer undaunted, relevant insights to the industry.
As management experts in Victoria’s Owners Corporations, Strata Plan partners with a wide variety of strata titles, offering assistance to our clients by providing them with high-quality solutions. At the same time, we take every opportunity to deepen our knowledge and improve our services. We are always seeking more ways to learn and grow–both as individuals and as professionals.

Turning Strata Plan’s Knowledge, Expertise and Ambition Into Applicable Methodologies

Strata Plan is a firm in Melbourne, Australia that establishes harmonious camaraderie with its contributors to the Owners Corporation eco-system to unleash endless possibilities for our clients. By communicating and synchronizing with people every day, we get to recognise and respond to their needs efficiently. However, we cannot possibly do everything all by ourselves. Thus, we take time to work with the trades and services that support and develop the kind of industry that we supervise. Essentially, we want to show everyone that we genuinely care.
Moreover, determining the strengths and weaknesses of Owners Corporation lets Strata Plan come up with top-of-the-line outputs. We strongly believe that turning our knowledge, expertise and ambition into applicable methodologies is our major role. Who we are and what we do have made us a prominent icon in this field. On top of that, we are continuously inspiring owners, motivating residents and touching the lives of everyone we meet in the Owners Corporation eco-system. For Strata Plan, all of these are not just business plans. These are what we breathe. Browse our Portfolio to read a huge selection of case studies displaying how we have influenced outstanding solutions to Owners Corporations.