Strata plan, the owners corporation managers you can trust.

At Strata Plan we are passionate about delivering high quality Owners Corporation management to many of our clients to help them achieve their living space goals.
Strata Plan is dedicated to connecting and caring. We pride ourselves on being understanding and effective problem solvers. No problem or issue is too big or small for us to manage in line with your needs and expectations.
Melbourne Owners corporations are constantly growing and there is a high demand for better living spaces for all. This is where we come in.

What are we responsible for at Strata plan?

It is up to us at Strata Plan, to search for solutions to any problem that will benefit all of our customers. We are always looking out of our industry to work through ways in which we can develop the best management solutions for all.
We are determined to put our people first no matter the situation. At Strata Plan, our main aim is to build strong connections and relationships with all of our customers and always responding to each and everyone of their needs in a timely and efficient manner.
We always work closely and directly with trades and services that transform every place that we manage and every place that is occupied by our clients to ensure only the best living spaces and high quality living for all.
We care and are dedicated to looking after all of our customers needs and providing them with a happy living space.

Our main areas of management at Strata plan include:

  • Managing common property
  • Repair and maintain common property
  • Keeping financial records
  • Raising levies
  • Keeping a register of owners
  • Acting in good faith on behalf of all homeowners

Strata plan, the answer to many concerns with home ownership.

We understand that there can be many issues that arise, and we explore the pros and cons of how Owners Corporations in Melbourne function and perform.
We are across all aspects and are driven to solve, and deliver excellent customer service at all times.
We love developing outstanding life spaces and we are passionate about exploring new possibilities for Owners Corporations, and strategising how they can work toward taking better care of owners, residents and customers needs to better their life experience.
At Strata Plan, our ultimate goal is to lift the burdens from home owners shoulders and make their stay in their living space as stress free and comfortable as possible

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Our vision at Strata plan is to explore the many possibilities of owners corporations.

To learn more about our owners corporation services and more of our case studies and success stories, get in touch with us today on: 1300 278 728